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CINC's Summer Getaway in Bali

As the summer sun started to peek out of the clouds, we were a bit too eager to take breaks and enjoy the nice weather, but we knew we still had to fulfill our utmost duty to spread the joy of creativity to the world. Fortunately, Somia Consulting, a Bali-based Customer Experience (CX) consultancy invited us for a month-long collaboration wrapped in a package of exotic incubation experiences.

The main aim of the engagement was to build the internal creative capabilities of the organization, and we did this through an ethnographic immersion with the team. What ensued was an insightful series of creativity training exercises and a culminating co-creation project. By combining our joint expertise in creativity and customer experience design, together we created an experience design cookbook filled with “ingredients” and “recipes” to creating delicious customer experiences. The cookbook highlights mindsets and tools that can be used to facilitate experience-based design processes, and also showcases the importance of applying creativity in every facet of the design process. In between periods of working, of course, there were always new beaches to explore and lots of drinks to sip.

Check out for a taste of our tropical hard work!

We also took the opportunity to network with creative practitioners around the area.

We did a sharing session on “hacking creativity,” in Hubud, Bali’s coolest co-working space. In the session, we shared ways to sustain individual and team creative flow using modest solutions, which we synthesized from our understanding of the neuroscientific and psychological foundations of creativity. We also did a talk at Jakarta’s UX meetup on “Designing Meaningful Experience,” which to be honest may not be our forte, but nevertheless served as a way for us to expand our network of international creativity practitioners.

During our engagement, we realized that the collaborative approach we undertook was not only useful to establish ownership of the outputs we delivered, but also to ensure that such outputs were exciting, yet still grounded. When we throw people of different expertise into a collaborative environment, it is pretty amazing to see the process of discovery and sustained evidence of learning, day in and day out. Surely we will be interested in exploring this area more in the future, and will be open for any collaborative opportunities. Guess the ball is in your court, now!

Big thanks to the uber cool people at Somia Consulting for the invitation and collaboration. Everyone at CINC is excited about strengthening our international network of like-minded people, and we look forward for more playdates in the future!


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