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During the last couple of years CINC staff have been facilitating numerous workshops around the world. All equally interesting and exciting, but as all experienced facilitators know: organizing workshops is hard work! The number of participants has varied from six to 200 and the duration from two to 48 hours, but the problems seem to be the same every time: time management is always a challenge and the documentation time consuming. During discussions time tends to slip away. Either because the discussion takes a turn down sideways and byways, or because there is a disagreement on how the tasks should actually be solved. Once the show is over, you are left with hundreds of post-it notes, sketches and comments, and it is always challenging to know what goes where.

This is why we are working on a digital facilitation tool that eases and even advances the facilitation of workshops. It’s an app, and we call it Work Face for now.

The idea is that every team has Work Face on tablets and the facilitator has the ‘mother app’ on a dedicated tablet. The tasks to be included in the workshop are entered into the mother app, plus time frames, ‘tips & tricks’, and inspiration. The complete set of tasks is published to the remaining tablets and during the workshop, the ‘mother app’ collects data on how all groups progress. Without interrupting all 50 participants at once, thereby minimizing risk of interrupting a great creative process for some groups, each group progresses in their own pace and the facilitator can constructively push the stagnant groups on to the next task. Those in trouble might even push the ‘help’ button on their tablet, instead of waiting for the facilitator to pass by. Another handy feature is the fact that the groups will document their own process and ideas by taking photos of their work, and adding clarifying text in the app. The app knows when and by whom the images are taken and sorts the photos and additional text.

Sign up and share your experience

Work Face is still a ‘work in progress’ as we are testing the prototypes, and we are very open to ideas and feedback to! However, you can already take a sneak peek at the product by visiting the website: and sign up to be notified when we have more to show you.

On behalf of the CINC team - Stay creative!

Linn Elster

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