A briefing approach using scenarios as a way to convey the various contexts of interaction between user and the products/services.

Active Time

30 - 120 minutes


Preparation Time

10 - 90 minutes



Agree on priorities

Explore possibilities

Collective Ideation



  1. Identify the objective of the project. Remember to include just enough information so everyone knows what the project is about.

  2. Create 2-3 different personas based on the target audience.

  3. Create 2-3 different scenarios based on the interaction that each persona has with the product/service.

  4. Define key principles, or parameters that the team has to consider when designing the solutions. If there's a time limitation, do step 1-4 prior to the briefing.

  5. Ideate together and come up with initial ideas that address the different scenarios.

1. Identify project key objective
1. Identify project key objective

2. create personas
2. create personas

5. ideas based on the scenario
5. ideas based on the scenario

1. Identify project key objective
1. Identify project key objective



Storytelling is an effective approach to communicate a message, and scenarios help creatives look at the various angle of the problems.


Prepare the groundwork: do adequate research to come up with compelling, yet relevant personas and scenarios. Make sure that the objective and key principles are not too constraining, but detailed enough to keep the team focused.



  • Objectives

  • Persona & Scenario

  • Key principles