Our Story 

The project was spearheaded by Angga, the designer at the Copenhagen Institute of NeuroCreativity (CINC). Based on the interactions he had with creative professionals in various domains, he felt that there was a lack of platforms to collect and articulate good creative processes. He then embarked on a journey to store and share different approaches that can be used in a creative process. Brevity is one attempt aimed at unleashing collective creativity in creative organizations.


Luckily, he collaborates with his colleagues at work with expertise in the neuroscientific and behavioral foundations of creativity. The collaboration produces insights gathered not only from dialogue, but also numerous research findings on creative processes.


 Why we do this 

We want brevity to act as a way for us to show our understanding of creativity and creative processes, and our passion to help people and organizations to develop creative capabilities. In return, we hope to be able to establish a relationship with creative organizations that are interested in navigating new ways of exploring creativity.


 How we can help 

CINC is made up of passionate individuals with a collective skill-set in neurocreativity, creativity constraints & processes, innovation management, gamification, and human-centered design. We love to facilitate creativity training & workshops in organizations. If you are interested in this project, we can help you to facilitate the process in a way that best fits the values and dynamics of your organization. 


 Reach us 




Borups Allé 29, st.th

2200 Copenhagen N


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