Laddering Briefing 

An "iterative" type of briefing with a back-and-forth approach between ideation and communication of requirements

Active Time

30 - 60 minutes


Preparation Time

30 minutes



Agree on priorities

Explore possible directions

Collective ideation




  1. Prior to briefing, Make a list of all the requirements & insights.

  2. Prior to briefing, prioritize the requirements and insights in 3 levels (based on generality), and group the information on the same priority level in one document.

  3. Individually, come up with ideas based on priority 1 information (the most general).

  4. Reveal the second priority and in group try to refine the ideas, or come up with new ideas as long as they still incorporate priority 1 information.

  5. Reveal the third priority and look for further refinement opportunities (but don’t force it!).



list insights + requirements
list insights + requirements

prioritize insights + requirements
prioritize insights + requirements

refine ideas (and continue..)
refine ideas (and continue..)

list insights + requirements
list insights + requirements



Constraint is an important part of creative process. Too many constraint may halt new ideas to emerge, and too little constraint can make you stuck in a rut. This briefing approach is aimed at finding the right balance between creativity and constraints, by presenting information in steps.


Identify the insights and synthesize the requirements. Facilitators should also define the key parameters used as a base for prioritization.



  • Insights + Requirements

  • Parameters for prioritization

  • Initial ideas