The Ideal Match 

Quick warm up exercise to explore ideas that the team is passionate about.

Active Time

20 minutes


Preparation Time

15 - 60 minutes



Agree on priorities

Exploring possibilities



  1. Prior to briefing, identify the target consumer for the product/service.

  2. Prior to briefing, Identify 2-3 pain points and needs that are often faced by the target consumer.

  3. Without taking into consideration brand and business specifications, ask each individual in the team to come up with ideas on how the product/service can address the pain/needs of the target consumer. The most important part is to incorporate the things that each individual is passionate about in each of the solutions.

  4. Present the business and brand objectives based on the initial brief, and work together to refine the ideas by incorporating the requirements.

1. Identify target consumers
1. Identify target consumers

2. Identify their pain points
2. Identify their pain points

3.Ideas that you are passionate with
3.Ideas that you are passionate with

1. Identify target consumers
1. Identify target consumers



The exercise triggers intrinsic motivation in the team, as it opens up opportunity areas that the team is excited to work with.  In addition, the exercise also triggers exploration of different associations without being limited by constraints imposed by the brief specification.


Facilitates the group in being able to make connections between the things they are passionate about and how those things can be used as catalyst to address target consumer’s pains/needs.


Facilitators should also be able to frame the client’s objectives in a way that serves as variables for ideas refinement, instead of constraints that blocks ideation.



  • Key insights

  • Team's passion points