Brief Me Upside Down 

An approach to briefing where ideas are translated to key proposition, instead of the other way around.

Active Time

60 - 120 minutes


Preparation Time

15 - 30 minutes



Agree on Priorities

Collective Ideation

Consensus on business fit



  1. Identify various user needs that are relevant to the product/services. Try to be as concise as possible. 

  2. Individually, think of ideas on how the product/service can fulfill the needs.

  3. In the group, identify key parameters that define the brand fit to the ideas.

  4. Locate each idea in a matrix based on two spectra: impact (how relevant it is to user) and fit (how relevant it is to the product/service requirements).

  5. Use the high fit, high impact ideas for refinement, and synthesize the ideas by coming up with a key proposition that can articulate the ideas.



The approach allows for wide exploration space within areas that adds value to the users' lives. Business requirement, instead of serving as constraints are useful as a tool to assist synthesis.


Identifying needs and articulate them in a way that is not too narrow i.e. functional but also not too broad. Facilitator needs to be an expert in facilitating synthesis.



  • User needs

  • Brand fit parameters

  • Key propositions

  • Ideas to be refined